Eric Baker

Eric Baker


Ambitious, determined and innovative! Those are just a few words that describe Eric L. Baker, the current General Sales Manger/Digital Sales Manager at

Radio One Houston, KMJQ Majic 102.1. Baker currently holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of North Texas in Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management.  While managing the obligation of his full time job he is also very committed to various community and professional organizations and is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc.

Mr. Baker previously served as the Outreach Committee Co-Chair for the American Advertising Federation in Dallas, In addition he also served as the Community Committee Chairman for the Oak Cliff YMCA Board of Directors. He currently serves on the Board of the American Advertising Federation in Houston.

Through building his own legacy there are a few professionals that Baker admires. “I admire any professional that has had to overcome against all odds struggles to be the best with a goal to make a positive impact in the lives of others”, says Mr. Baker. One of Baker’s inspirations is Cathy Hughes the founder of Radio One Inc.  Her achievements in life and business have inspired and impacted Baker and where he is today.

Although Baker’s career is progressing, as he continues to earn his stripes within the media industry he has encountered some defining moments. One of those moments came in 2011 when he was promoted to management in the 5th ranked radio market at a top ranked media company within 4 years of his career.

Eric’s long term aspirations are to one day be President/CEO of Radio One Inc.  Mr. Baker’s overall goal is to put a dent in the universe. His legacy will be tied to job creation ultimately providing a positive impact on the lives of others.  He advises other young professionals to be a sponge, read, learn and invest in their own professional development.  Eric feels one of the best ways to maneuver throughout your career is to network, make meaningful connections and seek mentorship. He encourages young people to embrace the struggle, learn from each setback, as they will set you up for victory. With all the great things Eric has accomplished his book is still being written.