Blushhh Music performs at TSU Comm Week 2016

Blushhh Music performs at TSU Comm Week 2016

By Shiquita Alexis Smith, Senior Journalism Major

Blushhh Music delivers a stellar performance at the kickoff of Texas Southern University’s (TSU) annual event, Communication Week (Comm Week), leaving the crowd amazed.

Blushhh Music is a trio of three young girls, who are making history with a girl-group dynamic that has never been done before.

Blushhh Music embodies a triple-threat formula comprised of two rappers; Sunnie and Bunni Ray, and one singer; Tali.

“We are a hip-hop trio, two rappers and one singer,” Tali said. “We write our own stuff.”
Music mogul, Mathew Knowles is Blushhh Music’s manager. Knowles has a keen sense for scoping out talented people and grooming them into ultra-superstar status.

He’s the mastermind behind Destiny’s Child.

“We were not made—we were not put together, Mr. Knowles found us and he agreed to us,” Tali said. “Basically, he made us bloom.”

TSU Comm Week 2016 music showcase provides a platform for many up and coming artists like Blushhh Music to perform, compete and hone their craft.

Artist development includes performing as much as possible in front of audiences both big and small to help channel nervous energy, grow an artist fan base and connect with the crowd.

Blushhh Music ladies said it is important for them to prepare mentally before performing.

“For one; we always begin with a prayer, we meditate for five minutes, we run through the steps, the songs, talk to one another and fix each other up,” Sunnie said. “It’s really getting yourself prepared mentally.”

Reality TV has bogarted its way into the homes of Americans and the music industry is at the forefront of the takeover.

Many up and coming music artists are using reality shows like Mona Scotts’ docudrama franchise, ‘Love and Hip-Hop,’ as a platform to gain notoriety.

For some it has worked, but it can sway in the opposite direction and damage an artists’ image.
Blushhh Music said they have nothing against reality TV; Mathew Knowles has encouraged them to partake in a documentary-style reality film, which shows their journey through the A&R (artist and repertoire) process.

“We are in the process of documenting our own story in the form of a docudrama similar to what Destiny’s Child did with MTV,” Sunnie said. “People can see exactly where we came from, where we are headed and the struggles in between.”

The Blushhh Music singers draw their inspiration from each other, their own life experiences and different aspects of music.

Bunni Ray said Tali is the creative one and they trust her input with many things concerning the group, like dance choreography and song structure.

“We jam a lot of music; past, present and future—the future being us,” Tali said. “We listen to our own music, like Sunni would always say, ‘We are like sponges,’ we just absorb anything positive from a message or situation and bring a brighter light to it.”

Tali sets the record straight, when it comes to the meaning behind the acronym Blushhh.
“Blushhh Music is beauty living under stone hearts; the three H’s are on there because there are three hearts in the group,” Tali said.

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