Three Young Men Hope to Change the Music Industry

Three Young Men Hope to Change the Music Industry

App developers Neiman Samuel, Eugene Collins, and Rudy Sutherland (Left to Right).

App developers Neiman Samuel, Eugene Collins, and Rudy Sutherland (Left to Right).

By Jennifer Russell, Journalism Major

Three dynamic young men revealed their newly created music app to a student audience at Texas Southern University’s 35th Annual Intercultural Communication Conference, on Wednesday, April 22.

Eugene Collins, Rudy Sutherland, and Neiman Samuel met each other through school and mutual friends and created the app called Reach when they saw how difficult it was for up-and-coming musical artists to break into the music industry.

“I saw how artists weren’t getting a fair chance,” Eugene Collins said. “I saw that it really took money to become a successful artist to get your music out, and I felt like it wasn’t right. I feel like there is a lot of people out there who make great music that never get a chance to get heard. These record labels and big corporations push the music that they want you to hear. That was the driving force for me to create it.

The Reach app is a music-discovery app that promotes an artist’s music for them and gives listeners an avenue to create the next big name in music.

This platform stands out from other apps because this app will be where people can find new artists. The app gives the audience and fans the ability to experience the artist as a person and their music. It’s different from other known apps, such as SoundCloud, because this app will push the music for the artist.

“We do all the work for the artist,” Collins said. “We put the artist’s content into people’s hands right then. The [artists] don’t have to do anything; just make great music and let the people judge.”

The three men have received a lot of support from their peers and the group recently made an appearance on the ABC television show Shark Tank. You can tell they must be on to something really good because they received an offer to be bought out during the communication conference at TSU.

“We had good experiences and some good feedback,” Collins said. “Mr. Matthew Knowles actually offered to buy us out.” Knowles of course is the father of Queen Bey…Beyoncé, the world’s most popular entertainer.

The app is still in the development stage and is not yet on the market. The group plans to establish the Beta version first and then send the application out as a soft version to individuals who have already signed up for the trail phase.

After the soft version is tested, the group plans to fix whatever made the app difficult and any kinks the app may have. Once the kinks are fixed, they plan to launch their app as an “invite only” in the beginning stages of the launch. This is similar to the way Spotify launched when it first came to the United States.

The group’s main goal is to make the app user-friendly

“The number one thing we want to create is an app that is very fluid,” Neiman Samuels said. “People don’t use anything that is difficult to operate.”

The group feels that the people should be in control of what they hear and hopes their invention becomes the next app sensation.

“We are trying to be that one, trying to be the YouTube of music discovery,” Collins said.

Once it is officially launched, the app will be free in Google Play and the Apple store. Stay tuned!

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